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Terms & Conditions

  • Participants must be natural-born females .

  • Participants should be in good health.

  • The Mrs. Canada competition's age requirements ("Competition")18 to 55 years old (as of the first of June) and should be married.

  • The Ms. Canada competition 's age requirements ("Competition")18 to 65 years old (as of the first of June)  can be single, never married , divorced or separated .

  • The participant must return the title, crown, and sash to MRS.CANADA, INC. right away if she is discovered engaging in adult activities in the future. These activities include porn, nudity, illegal activity, and any other adult activity, both in the past and the present as well as during the competition. Additionally, without any objection or protest from the participants, Mrs Canada INC. the "Company," may take any legal action against any such activities carried out by entrants.

  • Upon the occurrence of any of the conditions listed in the aforementioned section, WINNERS, if chosen as MRS/MS. CANADA, shall wear the crown for a period of one year, unless the next successor is chosen or unless the Company requests the return of the crown.

  • Throughout the pageant, contestants are expected to act with professionalism and courtesy at all times.

  • The winner will not be permitted to use the MRS/MS. CANADA etc. crown, title, and sash during any promotional activity other than MRS. CANADA, INC.

  • Any participant, competitor, or winner may be disqualified at any time by the Organisation. There are no guarantees that an international pageant will occur at any particular time. If the winner of the title of Mrs. Canada &Ms. Canada  is unable to represent Canada at any international pageants  for any reason, the organisation may direct the runners-up to fill the winner's spot.

  • There is a fee only if you qualify for the finals , which is 1500  CAD for each delegate for National Pageant , Mrs Globe - Finalist fee is 2400 CAD , Mrs Globe Classique and Curve Finalist Fee is 2000 CAD. Contestant undertakes to pay the aforementioned fees for the Final level of the National Pageant as and when the Company so requests. The participant in the said Competition shall be subject to cancellation in accordance with Company policy if the contestant fails to pay the abovementioned fees within the time frame specified by the Company. 

  • In the event that the competition is cancelled , the contestant's application is rejected or she withdraws from the competition, or for any other reason, the fee that has already been paid by the contestant for the subsequent level and so forth will not be refundable under any circumstances.

  • The participant must provide honest and precise information; any misleading or inaccurate information will not be taken into consideration. The MRS. CANADA  INC. has the authority to hold over, cancel, or disqualify the applicant's application. In addition, the MRS CANADA INC. has the authority to use necessary legal means to prosecute the applicants.
    Contestant accepts that MRS.CANADA INC.'s and the competition's judges' decisions are final.

  • MRS/MS. CANADA and all of the runners-up are required to be under the Company's contract for a minimum of 1  year and are not permitted to start their own pageant, either directly or through their spouses, families, or other loved ones, or to assist another pageant or system with recruitment for another pageant system, without the Company's prior written consent.

  • The competition's/company's rules, guidelines, and code of conduct must be followed by contestants.

  • Before or during the competition, a contestant is not permitted to converse with the judges. Contestants who are seen in any way attempting to approach a judge will be immediately disqualified. Judges may be present at the competition site, but they cannot be reached for private chats or by any other methods.

  • The photos, videos, and other materials/details given by the participant may be used by  MRS CANADA INC. for promotional purposes in the future. The competitor shall never object to such a privilege or demand any payment or other form of compensation from Mrs Canada INC.

  • Any financial loss , property damage or personal harm sustained by a participant as a result of their participation in the competition and during company hosted events will not be covered by Mrs Canada INC. Participants in the competition do so at their own risk and responsibility .

  • Thee company's rules and regulations are subject to modification as the company may deem necessary , with/without prior notice and/or notification to the contestants . All changes and modifications made by the company to these terms and conditions will be accepted and abided by all contestants both during and after the competition without any objection.

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